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 A selection of Film clips featuring or made on the Isle of Wight. as a way of celebrating and promoting the Isle of Wight as a Location and Production site for Film and Video makers (if you know more film clips that should be here, let us know)

Pop Art by IW artist BB Bango Over 18 Only
South Island Music
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Wight Pop Art

History on the Isle of Wight

 Powerboat Racing Cowes 1960s

  A short video of Brave class patrol boats and the Cowes Torquay offshore powerboat races of the 1960s.

Bob Dylan at the Isle of Wight Festival 1969 (Home movies)

 Bob Dylan at Isle of Wight Festival

 Spitfire flying around the Isle of Wight Schneider Trophy Red Bull 2008

  To celebrate the return of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship to London on 2 & 3 August this year, current World Championship leader Paul Bonhomme today took the controls of a 1940's Spitfire to try his hand at 'air racing' of a different kind. Bonhomme's aim was to test the speed and agility of the Spitfire, against a modern day plane designed specifically for the Red Bull Air Race, the MX2, piloted by his World Championship opponent Nigel Lamb.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first production line Spitfire and the 85th anniversary of the first Schneider Trophy race in the UK which was a speed race over 200km contested by the Spitfire's predecessor, the Supermarine S.6b.

In a nod to the UK Schneider Trophy course which was situated around the Solent over Calshot and Cowes, Bonhomme and Lamb flew their planes on a lap around the Isle of Wight, using the stunning Needles as a natural start and finish gate

Isle of Wight Festival 1970 (News Reel)

  650,000 No. at the Isle of Wight Festival

 Cowes Week Behind the Scenes 1998 Part 1 of 2 Documentary 1998 documentary about the behind the scenes running of Cowes Week - the largest sailing regatta in the world. The programme follows the week of organisers, sailmakers, yachtsmen, bar owners, search and rescue helicopter staff, celebrities and the police. The first of two programmes

 Cowes Week Behind the Scenes 1998 Part 2

 ‘Wight 365 Days’ Movie Art Installation Part One 

'Wight 365 Days' This is Part one (of four). A 'taster' of an on going movie of video clips for every day in a year of the Isle of Wight, This movie is always changing. Some clips are from video streaming sites, some from home movies, some from movies made on the Isle of Wight over the years.

The whole movie can be purchased as a wide screen HD MPEG 2 file on a USB stick please see home page of for details and can be downloaded as a 512kb WMV file (medium quality) directly off the ClayClay web site


'Wight 365 Days' Part one (of four). Movie Art Installation. from Espada Rolls on Vimeo.

 Isle of Wight in the Past Part 1

 Old movie film of the Isle of Wight-from the 1920's to the 1950's

 Isle of Wight in the Past Part 2

 A trip down memory lane with vintage film of The Island in the 1950's & 1960's...back when the IOW was an exotic destination!.

 Isle of Wight in the Past Part 3

 A look back at the days of steam and railway journeys to and around the Isle of Wight. Edited from old archive footage.

 Benny Hill Chinaman

Going to Isle of Wrrright. Clip from 1972

Benny Hill Chinaman by jwj


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