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 A selection of Film clips featuring or made on the Isle of Wight. as a way of celebrating and promoting the Isle of Wight as a Location and Production site for Film and Video makers (if you know more film clips that should be here, let us know)

Pop Art by IW artist BB Bango Over 18 Only
South Island Music
Harrison Bristow Holiday Lettings. Holiday Accomodation and Lettings throughout Isle of Wight ClayClay in Bembridge
Island People 'Extras' Agency. Island People. Locations, Models, Actors, PR Staff & Services on the Isle of Wight.








ClayClay in Bembridge

 Wight Audiobooks 

 Wight Abstract Music

 Wight Mini Bricks

Wight Pop Art


For more information or if you would like a link to your business or enterprise, or indeed know of films or clips that should be on this site or want to submit your own - Please do.

 Its all about promoting the Isle of Wight showing off the Islands Flair and Enterprise as reflected in these Films and Videos

or phone Tim Bristow on 01983 875378 or 07836 761541

or Visit ClayClay at 15 High St, Bembridge, Isle of Wight PO35 5SDr visit

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